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Class Options



Strengthen your core, improve your balance, gain flexibility, and develop muscle control.

Pilates can help you do it all.


Prevent injury, improve mobility, and help your muscles recover faster. Periodic and methodical stretching can help everyone from office workers to top athletes.

Class Types

Private Sessions
Personal training that’s tailored to your specific needs and goals. Quickly improve your skills and work in-depth on your personal challenges.

​Group sessions

Enjoy the fun and social aspect of a group class. Get to know Pilates with like-minded people and use the full range of equipment, including Reformers.

​ Class Environments

Train easily and from anywhere, with or without simple props. Your teacher’s verbal cues will guide the way.


Train in the studio on the full range of equipment, including Reformers and Cadillac. Get hands-on cues from your teacher.

Pilates Pose
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